CBD Microdosing: What is it and is it For You?

CBD microdosing

Microdosing is a buzz word in the medical community right now, particularly with regard to alternative or non-conventional therapies. We’re hearing it a lot with regard to psychedelics (psilocybin), and the research being done surrounding these therapies.

But what about CBD microdosing? Is it a thing? And if it is, is there any benefit to it versus just taking 1-2 doses daily?

Let’s explore microdosing in general, and discuss why someone might choose to go this route with CBD (and how to do it).

What is Microdosing?

Microdosing refers to the act of taking small doses of a substance frequently throughout the day, rather than taking a larger dose at much larger intervals.

For example, typically you take something in the morning, intending for it to last for a sustained amount of time. You then take it again at night for the same prolonged effect.

With microdosing, you split those 2 doses up into much smaller doses, and take those smaller doses at more regular, shorter intervals throughout the day.

The idea with this approach is that these smaller amounts can help to keep a steady level of the substance in your body. This may help to achieve the therapeutic effects on a more continuous basis and potentially prevent undesirable side effects.

CBD Microdosing: The Basics

As you’ve probably already guessed, CBD microdosing involves taking small amounts of CBD consistently throughout the day. It doesn’t mean you change how much you normally take. Instead, it just means splitting up that regular dose into smaller doses taken more frequently.

For example, if you currently take:

  • 5 milligrams a day, divide it into two 2.5mg doses
  • 10 milligrams a day, divide it into four 2.5mg doses
  • 20 milligrams a day, divide it into eight 2.5mg doses
  • 50 milligrams a day, divide it into ten 5mg doses

What matters here is precision and consistency over time. You want to keep the doses the same, and split them up into regular intervals, trying to leave the same amount of time in between each dose.

Depending on the reason you’re taking CBD and what you hope to get from it, microdosing this can be beneficial.

Is CBD Microdosing for You?

Now, CBD doesn’t have any known side effects, so you probably wouldn’t microdose for that reason. But, especially if you’re just starting out, it could offer an alternative way to find your perfect dose.

We don’t believe CBD dosing is one-size-fits-all. It can take time and trial and error to find the amount that works best for you. In this case, microdosing may be a good way to better understand how CBD makes you feel, and you can always try a microdosing schedule before moving to a regular schedule. This can help you find that sweet-spot dose that works best for your body.

In this case, you might start by halving your recommend daily dose and dividing that into 2-4 doses. If you feel the effects to the level that you want, keep that dose. If you don’t work up to the full recommended dose, divided. Feel too much? Cut it back again.

Microdosing may also help if you’ve been using CBD for a long time, but want to reset your system and get back into your optimal therapeutic range. We don’t build up a tolerance to CBD, rather it’s a reverse tolerance, so you may actually find that you need less to get the same effects over time. Microdosing CBD can help you find that dose if you’re taking more than you need to.

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Will Microdosing Work for You?

Will macrodosing work for you? We can’t answer that. There’s really only one way to know for sure: Try it.

For some, microdosing won’t be the most effective way to gain the full therapeutic effects. For others, though, it could be a great way to discover your perfect amount over the course of a couple of days.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much in the way of research yet that speaks specifically to microdosing CBD oil. In fact, most existing research is based on high doses, which doesn’t really tell us much about small doses at more frequent times.

But, just because it hasn’t undergone clinical research yet, that doesn’t mean microdosing doesn’t offer benefits. As we see more research into microdosing other substances, we can only hope that CBD will soon follow.