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Pain, inflammation, anxiety, trouble sleeping – the list goes on and on. Want the details on how you can use CBD oil for health? You got it.

How to Sleep Better: 6 Tips to Take to Bed

how to sleep better

As a CBD company, we’re often asked if there are tips on how to sleep better with CBD. We’re big fans of sleep. After all, you need it to survive. But not only that – sleep helps keep your immune system health, lowers your risk for serious health problems, like diabetes and heart disease, helps reduce stress and improve […]

CBD and Alcohol: What Happens When You Mix the Two?

CBD and alcohol

Tinctures, salves, vapes. Bath bombs, mattresses, leggings… the CBD industry abounds with product offerings. Then you’ve got CBD and alcohol. Bars and nightclubs are offering CBD cocktails, while breweries, both large and small, are adding CBD to their bottles and cans. Companies are recognizing the consumer demand and offering up all kinds of options. And […]

Diet and the Endocannabinoid System: Eating for Good Health

diet and the endocannabinoid system

As a CBD company, it only makes sense that we talk about the endocannabinoid system (ES). After all, it’s because of this incredible system that taking CBD has the impact it does on overall health. But what about feeding the endocannabinoid system itself? Does what we eat impact how it functions? Are diet and the […]

CBD Safety: Side Effects, Dosage, and Safety Profile

CBD safety

CBD is currently one of the most studied cannabinoids. And with over 100 different cannabinoids identified, that’s really saying something. Much of that scientific interest comes as a result of the rising popularity and usage of CBD oil. So, what does that science tell us about CBD safety? Are there concerns regarding dependancy or overuse? […]

Is Your CBD Not Working? This May be Why

cbd not working

CBD can be an amazing addition to your everyday health routine. The evidence proves it’s useful for many different things, and we’ve heard from so many people the difference a daily dose makes. However, sometimes when you take CBD, you might not see the results you were hoping for. If this is where you currently […]

Herbs to Pair with CBD for Pain, Anxiety, and More!

cbd for pain

We know that many people use CBD for pain, for sleep, or for anxiety. We won’t talk about that here (we actually can’t – here’s why) – but the research often speaks for itself. But did you know there are many complimentary natural substances that you can pair with your CBD to boost the effects? […]