Source CBD Oil: Where it All Began

source cbd oil

It seems that almost every day someone asks how Source CBD Oil was born. And we’re always happy to tell the story!

We started out as a family-run business, and we remain that way. Family is super important to us, and it was family that started it all.

And while it may not have been our family, that didn’t make things any less important!

Warning – Ian and Chance are not writing this, and while they might tend towards modesty, I can’t help but sing their praises! It’s pretty impressive what they’ve done.

A Chance Meeting

The Source CBD Oil story begins in an unlikely place – a photoshoot.

Back in 2013, Co-Founder of Source Chance Pedersen was hired to photograph a special baby’s birth. When the midwife got in touch, Chance was told that there were some serious complications and these photos could very well be the first, last, and only photos of this sweet baby girl. Kyrsten was born with something called anencephaly, which is the absence of a major portion of the brain, skull, and scalp that occurs during embryonic development.

Chance, camera in hand, prepared herself for the session, and ended up meeting a wonderful couple and growing close with the family of baby Kyrsten.

As fate would have it, Kyrsten’s story was only just beginning. Baby Kyrsten survived (she’s 7 this year!) and is the light of her parents’ life.

Source CBD Oil

However, over the next year, Kyrsten began having seizures. Frequently 🙁

Thankfully, research into CBD for epilepsy had been done but this point, and it was well known, even then, that it offered great promise. After months of encouragement, Kyrsten’s mother began to use CBD oil – but the effects were limited. The problem was, it was hard to find a product that fit her needs…

That’s where the other Source CBD Oil Co-Founder, Ian Pedersen, enters the scene.

Turning Years of Experience into Magic

Ian had been in the cannabis industry for years by this point. He began with the first compassionate caregiver organization in Arizona, AZ Medical Marijuana Caregivers, then helped launch a state licensed industrial cultivation center, which was the largest operating facility in Arizona at the time. From there, he opened the largest state licensed dispensary. He began working alongside regulators and health department officials to come to the best consensus for moving forward. Together, they researched and developed optimal dosing protocols, standardizing them across the board.

With this background and experience in the medical marijuana industry, Ian was determined to find a CBD product, free from THC, that would help Kyrsten. After speaking with consultants around the world, sourcing hemp that delivered the highest quality CBD, he got to work.

He developed a proprietary combination of the highest quality, legal CBD available. Then, realizing it needed a carrier, he infused it in coconut oil to make it more bioavailable.

Ian worked closely with Kyrsten and her mom to find her perfect CBD dosage. After changing her life dramatically over the years by simply introducing this natural oil to her diet, we recognized that the benefits could help so many others just like her and had to share it with the public!

We knew immediately that this wasn’t something that we could keep to ourselves! So Source CBD Oil was born.

Source CBD Oil: Changing with the Times

Over the years, with every new technological advancement and set of regulations, we’ve headed back to the drawing board to make sure our product continues to be of the highest quality and highest standards.

When it became clear that CBD was beneficial not only for people, but animals too, Source CBD Oil for pets joined the line-up. Ian developed a line of pet products that were safe for pets, big and small. He also began working with animal sanctuaries around Arizona, and still heads out to Out of Africa Wildlife Park on a regular basis.

It’s really cool – check this out!!

Day after day we receive positive testimonials about how Source CBD Oil is changing lives. We don’t promise a cure all, and we aren’t doctors to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent illnesses. But we are a group of people passionate about sharing this amazing product with you and your family. We hope our story, and Source CBD Oil, can help you find a better life today.