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CBD and Driving: Does CBD Impair Your Ability to Drive?

cbd and driving

You probably know that THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid in cannabis, impacts your driving ability. The research abounds in that regard. In fact, many countries, particularly those where marijuana is legal, have specific laws for driving under the influence of it. But what about CBD and driving. CBD comes from cannabis, and although it’s non-intoxicating, there […]

Is Gas Station CBD Worth it: Why Quality Matters (& How to Find it)

gas station cbd

We saw a press release recently about a well-known CBD company entering into an agreement with a convenience store chain. This had us thinking about gas station CBD, and whether or not going that route is a good idea. Honestly, that used to be an easy question to answer. Now though, things have changed, and […]

CBD in the Military: What are the Rules?

Cbd in the military

For both active service personnel and veterans, CBD has proven to be a crucial lifeline, for many reasons. Many have voiced their support of this natural substance. We’ve seen countless anecdotal claims of support as well as well documented research. But is CBD in the military technically allowed? Or could active service people find themselves […]

Hemp CBD vs Cannabis CBD: Is There a Difference?

hemp cbd vs cannabis cbd

Yes, you may have read hemp CBD vs cannabis CBD and thought, “Hey, isn’t hemp cannabis?” And you’d be right, but that doesn’t mean this question isn’t popping up all over the place recently. And for good reason. With the growing popularity (and availability) of CBD, many are wondering what difference it makes which plant […]

What is CBDA (Cannabidiolic Acid) & How is it Different from CBD?


Do you know how CBD is made in the hemp plant? No, I don’t mean the method of extraction. I mean the chemical process it takes to get from nothing to CBD? It involves something called cannabidiolic acid… also known as CBDA. What is Cannabidiolic Acid (CBDA)? Like CBD, CBN, and CBC, CBDA is another […]