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CBD isn’t just for humans. Studies show our animals can benefit from it too. Want to help your four-legged friend out? Here’s what you need to know about CBD oil for pets.

CBD Dosing for Horses: An Effective Alternative for Our Equine Friends

We often talk about CBD for dogs and cats, probably because they’re the most common pets in American households. We’ve even talked about our research with tigers and pythons. But did you know that horses also benefit from CBD, for a variety of reasons? Yes, our equine friends can also get CBD on the regular. […]

How to Calm Dog Anxiety Naturally: 6 Solutions

This week is Dog Anxiety Awareness week. And since so many dogs (as many as 70%) suffer from some type of anxiety, this is an important week for all pet parents! If your dog displays signs of anxiety, whether behavioral (ongoing anxiety about something, like separation anxiety) or situational (afraid of something specific, like fireworks or […]