CBD for Seniors: A Growing Trend for All Ages

CBD for seniors

Did you know that, according to recent survey stats, 1 in 7 Americans say they personally use CBD products? Or that, although CBD for seniors is less prolific, almost 1 in 5 Americans over 50 use it for a variety of physical and mental health concerns.

As more and more research is done, and more and people people learn about the benefits of CBD, those numbers are only going up.

If you, or someone you love, is considering CBD, but have questions, we’ve covered some to ease your mind.

CBD for Seniors

As we mentioned, a recent survey on CBD usage gives us a pretty good idea of who is using CBD, and what they’re using it for. If 1 in 5 Americans over 50 are using it, what are they using it for?

According to the survey, some of the top uses are:

  • 46% use it for pain
  • 22% use it for arthritis
  • 9% use it for sleep
  • 6% use it for anxiety

Now, we’re not saying that these are benefits of CBD (we’re not actually allowed to say that – and we don’t make any medical claims here) – it’s just what the survey tells us people are using it for.

If you’re thinking about using it for yourself, here are some things to remember

  1. CBD won’t get you high. THC is the cannabinoid that makes people feel “high.” CBD oil from hemp naturally contains a higher CBD to THC ratio than the marijuana plant. 0.3% THC is actually the legal limit for CBD in most U.S. States – and that’s nowhere close to an amount to cause any kind of “high.”
  2. CBD is safe and non-habit forming. If you’re concerned about becoming addicted, numerous studies, as well as the World Health Organization, have proven that CBD is not addictive.
  3. Do your research before buying. Before choosing your CBD product, be sure to read the Certificate of Analysis (here’s how to do that), read reviews, and find one that is organic.
  4. There are several different ways to use it. From tinctures take under the tongue or added to food, to liquid gels, to salves, to gummies, there are plenty of ways to choose from to get your daily dose. You choose which methods works best for you.
  5. There are guidelines to help you find your perfect dose. Dosing is not an exact science, and everyone reacts differently, but there are tweaks you can make that can impact your results. Here’s more on that.

Don’t Forget Our Four-Legged Seniors

When we talk CBD for seniors, we’re not just talking about humans. Our senior animals can benefits greatly from it as well.

Again, we can’t technically talk about the benefits, but here’s what real Source customers have said about CBD for their own senior pets:

“My nearly 14 yr old Golden Retriever no longer takes metacam. He no longer needs the assistance of a step stool to get in my SUV. Day care said his energy level has increased significantly. His JOY has returned!” – Candi

“My old “puppy” was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, real bad news. The Gabaphentin wasn’t working for him. It made him too disoriented, couldn’t balance,…tried this 1000 bottle of CBD, 25 – 50 2x daily, and such a difference! His balance is better, and just as important, he’s acting like his happy self again. I know this won’t cure him, but, its definitely going to make his remaining time much better.” – Vanessa

“This product I’ve used for my senior dogs and horses. It’s given one dog better focus and the other dog better mobility. It’s helped my senior mares especially the one that had laminitis for several months. It was a lifesaver for her. I was able to get her off of bute with this product.” – Kim