And on this (Rescue) Farm… CBD for Animals

CBD for animals

We often recommend CBD for dogs and cats, as we know those are the most common domestic pets. However, we – and others – have used CBD for animals much larger (and smaller) with great success.

This week, we spoke with Julie Anne Lee, owner of Adored Beast Apothecary, about her use of CBD with the animals on her rescue farm, Joseph’s Field, up in Canada. 

Julie is a well-known leader in the holistic pet industry. She opened the first holistic veterinary clinic in Canada several decades ago, and started Adored Beast Apothecary out of a desire to empower pet parents with natural supplements and remedies. 

We sat down (virtually) with Julie to talk about when she uses CBD on the farm, and for what. We really appreciate her taking the time out of her busy schedule to chat with us!!

CBD for Animals at Joseph’s Field

We asked Julie to tell us a little bit about CBD and how it became a staple on the rescue farm.

Here’s what she had to say:

“On my animal rescue farm, there are a wide variety of ailments, emergencies, and compromised animals. Many of the animals not he farm come to me from bad situations, and most have very poor health. My immediate and long term goal is to get them healthy again so they can live happy.

My first go-to treatment in my toolbox has always been homeopathy. I’m a homeopath, and it works instantly in most cases. It’s the fastest working modality that I’ve ever seen. The results can be almost instantaneous.

Until I started using CBD, I had never found something that worked as quickly to reduce stress, pain, and inflammation as homeopathy. It’s now in my go-to first aid kit. If something happens, I give homeopathy right away, and then I give CBD.

Whether it’s chickens, ducks, pigs, horses, dogs… it doesn’t matter. It’s safe and effective with every animal I’ve used it on. And the cool thing about it is that it works in acutes and it works in chronics. You don’t have to worry about it having long-term contraindications. I don’t worry about overdosing. I know there are no reported cases, and that makes me comfortable.

And it’s also really neat to see how the different animals respond to it. I like that. It makes me feel like I have more control. Instead of just reading a package, or seeing a drug like a one-size-fits-all approach, I can cater it to each individual case.

I’ve never seen it be contraindicated. I’ve never seen any animal have a negative response to it. That’s really important to me. I’ve never seen an animal not respond positively to it. And that’s why it’s so amazing to me. When I grab it, I never hesitate to use it. I never have to worry that I’m going to make a mistake when I use it.

How Julie Uses CBD for Animals

CBD has been really, really helpful in navigating some intense situations here at the farm, with every kind of animal (even wildlife).

I can’t speak for the whole world or every single animal, but we’ve had everything here from cancer, injuries, pain, severe skin conditions, nerve pain – I use it for everything. 

We have 40 rescue animals on the farm right now. They come here, and they’re terrified. They’ve been through hell and back. 

Some are so sick they can hardly get off the trailer. 

And right now, on a regular basis, I am currently using CBD for:

  • 10 horses/ponies
  • 2 cows
  • 2 dogs
  • 1 pig
  • 1 duck
  • 1 rooster
  • 1 cat

That doesn’t include the multitude of ways I use it for acute first aid on a weekly basis. 

These are the animals who are on large doses of CBD right now:

1. Donald – Donald is my duck 🙂 She gets some pretty interesting situations. Her biggest issue is that her skin grows over her bum (where she poops). It heals over, and gets really red and irritated and super sore, so we put CBD on it to keep the pain away and to keep it from sealing up.  

2. One of my cows has severe arthritis in her hip and in her hock. She can barely function without both the homeopathic remedies and the CBD oil. It really gives her a chance to live life and not be stuck in the barn all day.

3. Two of my donkeys have chronic laminitis, and the CBD really helps with tenderness and pain, and improves their movement.

4. One of the horses on it has severe arthritis in his spine. He also has really bad post traumatic stress disorder. He was abused very badly, and we’ve found that it helps with his fear and anxiety.

5. We also have a pony who has really bad chronic COPD. He has a hard time functioning without it.

6. Another of our horses broke his side bone in his foot, and now he has chronic arthritis in his hoof. The CBD significantly helps reduce his pain and helps keep him moving.

7. Our pot-bellied pig is blind, and again the CBD helps level off his fear. Additionally, he was brought to us with a really bad fungal disease. We keep it under control with probiotics, and remedies, and with the CBD.

8. We has a kitty with a fused vertebrae who has a hard time going to the bathroom. When we use CBD it really helps relieve his pain and he doesn’t have that pain and can poop easier. 

9. One of the roosters has chronic bumble foot. Yet again, CBD to the rescue.

10. Our dogs both get it as well. Our great dane gets it for arthritis (she’s 9), and Henry gets it regularly, for his stress. to settle him down. He’s really herd-y – and very reactive. I give it a week on and a week off – I find that really helps keep him balanced. A perfect example of finding that sweet spot.

Any acute situation, I use it right away, either internally or topically – whatever’s needed.

Why Source is Julie’s Go-to

When I talk about using CBD for animals on the rescue farm, I’m talking about using it in the trenches – for severe issues and severe trauma. 

And Ian is amazing with me! He’s always there if I need to ask him a question. He’s been so supportive. And that’s important to me. 

So long as you can trust the source, and that the THC limits are safe, I’m happy. I need to be able to grab something in a second and not worry. I can’t be worrying about THC limits, or safety. 

I’ve had animals on large doses, long term (years and years), with no ill effects. 

I’m never worried about giving it. It makes a huge difference for everything I use it for. I use it for such a diverse group, and a myriad of disease and trauma. I really trust the brand. I’m just not afraid, which is huge in a crisis. When you’re working with a chronic disease, it’s always in your head “am i giving too much? Do I need to take a break?” I never feel that with homeopathy or CBD. I feel it’s super safe and effective. And I am so thankful that I have Source, and Ian, at the ready.”