Why is CBD so Expensive? Let’s Break Down the Cost

why is cbd so expensive

Why is CBD so expensive? Let’s face it – CBD oil is not cheap, no matter what kind you buy. And we get asked this question fairly often.

For those new to CBD (and even long time believers) the price of CBD oil probably seems unnecessarily high – especially for such a small bottle. But there’s a lot that goes into that small bottle.

So, what is the reasoning behind those prices?

Why is CBD so Expensive?

There are several different reasons why CBD oil is the price it is – let’s take a look.

1. Hemp Farming & Harvesting

CBD comes from hemp, and hemp farming is a huge job. It requires a lot of manual work and inspection during growth. And like any other process, that work isn’t free. Plus, the equipment hemp cultivators need to harvest the plants is costly. Mother Nature does a lot for the hemp plant, but she can’t do it all.

Then there’s the drying process… this requires large, sheltered spaces and proper conditions for high-quality hemp.

When we talk about farming costs, we also have to factor in the cost of losses. Hemp farmers face many challenges that can end up costing them, and therefore result in a most costly crop. For example, if a crop contains more than the legal amount of THC, those plants are no good for CBD.

2. Organic Sourcing

We’ve talked before about the importance of finding organic CBD. Hemp absorbs toxins from the soil. So, if a farmer uses any chemicals (pesticides or fertilizers) during the growing process, or if there are heavy metals in the soil, those will inevitably end up in your CBD – and in your body!

Because farmers can’t rely on those more cost-efficient pesticides, and need to monitor the soil very closely, organic farming is more costly, so that makes the better hemp more valuable.

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3. The Extraction Process

We’d love to say that CBD extraction is as simple as squeezing oil out of hemp flowers, but it just isn’t that simple (or cheap). 

The extraction process to separate the CBD and other cannabinoids from hemp requires significant setup featuring some fancy-dancy (read: very expensive) equipment. Then you’ve got to have the experienced workers who know exactly how to use it.

why is CBD so expensive

Take CO2 extraction as an example. Carbon Dioxide (CO2) extraction uses pressurized CO2 to separate the CBD oil from hemp. This way, you get as many desirable cannabinoids from the plant as possible. This process uses mega high levels of heat and pressure to transform carbon dioxide into a state that can extract the beneficial compounds out of the plant without damaging them. This is a complex process that doesn’t run cheap. But in the end, it results in a super-clean, pure end product with no toxic by-products.

4. Development, Testing, and Quality Control

Any trustworthy and diligent manufacturer has to keep as close an eye on their products as the hemp farmer. This means continuous testing, quality control, and of course research and development. Again, these things can be costly, but they result in a much higher quality end product – one you can trust.

Is Price an Indication of Quality?

Unfortunately, in the case of CBD, sometimes “you get what you pay for” isn’t always true.

Just as with any other industry, scammers are prolific in the CBD world. There are companies who make less than acceptable products with no quality-control, using low quality hemp, but still sell their products at a premium price.

So how can you tell the difference? Watch out for:

  • Sold on Amazon – as of right now, Amazon does not permit the sale of CBD on its platform, so if you find CBD hemp oil at amazing MGs for low, low prices, remember that you’re not actually getting what you think.
  • Free offers – “Try for free today” or “Just pay shipping and handling” are two of the common ones used all too often by companies looking to make a quick buck. Sorry, but any reputable CBD company will charge for the product. It’s just that simple.
  • No third party testing – if a product isn’t being test, that’s a major red flag. This is the ultimate in transparency and legitimacy. If a company doesn’t do third-party lab results, or won’t let you see them, move on. .

Why is CBD so Expensive? Final Thoughts

When it comes to the price of CBD, does the start-to-finish process justify the cost? Is the price tag worth it for an all natural medicine with a proven track record and the science to back it up? That’s something you have to decide.

In the end, you get what you pay for, and high-quality CBD just doesn’t come cheap.