Source CBD 2019: A Year in Review

Source CBD 2019

2019 was a great year at Source headquarters. We work hard to give 110% for you every day, but at the same time, we feel so lucky to have people behind us giving even more, each and every day. That includes you!

Here’s to 2020. May it bring you wonder, joy, and everything great. Thanks for your continued support. We couldn’t do it without you.

So, without further ado, here’s Source 2019: A Year in Review!

Source CBD 2019: A Year in Review

Rain or shine, day or night, we worked together to always get orders out to you! As a family run business, we relay a lot of those around us, and they never fail to step up and help out! Thanks to friends and family for lending a hand. We could not be more grateful.

This past year, we also really focused on becoming more sustainable. We’ve sourced better packaging, and made a commitment to use as much recyclable packing as possible, along with more sustainable processes across the board!

In 2019, we headed to several different conferences to meet new people, greet old friends, and continue learning and spreading the word about CBD! From SuperZoo to MJ Biz Con, we travelled all over to see others in the industry, hear about the latest research and industry news, and find out more about how we can change the world with CBD.

We met Benny the ice skating dog for the first time – and continue to be inspired by him! His (and his owner Cheryl’s) commitment to giving back is moving, and truly inspirational!

In fact, we’ve worked with animals big and small, and continue to hear success stories, which we’re so thankful for. We hear all the time from happy customers about how much Source has helped their beloved animals. Our own dogs are benefiting too, which makes us so happy too!

And of course we appreciate all of the kind words and sharing of experiences from all of you! We can say, without reservation, that we believe we have the greatest supporters and friends in the Source community. You really do make our jobs worth it! Thank you.