A Time To Reflect

Unlike many other CBD companies- Source was born from pure love.

With just $800 in the bank we took a leap of faith and invested all of our money into a product we knew would make a difference in world.

No loans, no investors – just two people who had absolute faith in what they were doing and more importantly- why they were doing it.

Initially developed for Kyrsten and with showing amazing results – we knew we were on the right path. We built our brand in-house, launched the website and as karma would have it – made our way into one of our local health food stores almost immediately!

Never having more that just a handful of employees at a time, we have always done our best to take care of our family here at Source. And that includes our retail and wholesale customers! We take pride in our top notch customer service – whether that being assisting with exchanges or refunds, answering questions or simply helping track down a lost bottle – we are always here.

Even through these last couple of years with things being as difficult as they have been – we have never once compromised our products with lower grade material nor did we raise our prices. We value our customers and our ingredients – only the best for the best!

But let’s get real, Source wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for our absolutely amazing loyal customers who speak so highly of the brand and purchase products time and time again – So, thank you! Thank you for supporting us, thank you for supporting Source and most of all – THANK YOU for providing yourself, your loved ones and your four legged friends with one of the highest quality CBD product there is out there!

If Source has a made a positive impact in your life and you would like to share your story – we would love to hear it!

Remember, you too were once on the fence on whether or not you should invest your money into a bottle of Source – sometimes all it takes is one similar story for someone to take a leap of faith and purchase a product that will change their lives forever!

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