CBD Salve: How it Helped Indi

Meet Indi (short for Indiana Jones). She’s a 2 year old German Shepherd, and part of the Source team. Well, a by-proxy member.

I want to tell you a little bit about Indi and how CBD salve helped her out.


Indi loves to be outdoors; catching her frisbee, chewing on bones, swimming, chasing snowballs…

Indi also loves to play in the bathtub (as long as it’s not full of water and bath time). In the summer, it’s a constant struggle to keep that bad boy clean!! The tub, not the dog – that’s a whole other struggle!

You may have noticed that many of those activities involve water, and unfortunately for Indi, water and a sensitivity to her collar didn’t mix.

At the beginning of November, Indi got a fancy new collar as a birthday present. Soon after, we noticed that she seemed to be scratching a lot around the area of the collar.

Low and behold, our little adventurer had developed a serious rash on her neck. The new collar, plus the moisture, was causing her all kinds of irritation. So what did we do? Took off that collar and slathered on some CBD salve.

Then slathered it on again.

CBD Salve: Before & After

This is what Indi’s neck looked like a few days after we noticed her rash (and after a few days of the salve). It was obviously worse, but our first instinct wasn’t to take pics (although now I wish I had). She’d scratched it raw, the fur was pretty much totally gone, and there were scabs (my poor girl)…

Still, this gives you a pretty good idea of how things looked.

So, like I said, we got out the CBD salve and started putting it on the rash. Morning and night. At first she wasn’t sure about it, but then she quickly realized that it felt pretty nice. I think it was soothing.

The first thing I noticed was that her itching stopped.

Then, the redness started to disappear and her fur started to grow back! Within a few weeks the rash had totally cleared up!

This is Indi today, back to her rambunctious water-loving, tub-thumping self, with a neck full of soft, beautiful fur:

Thanks to the CBD salve, Indi’s back to normal now. We’ve retired that offending collar (her cousin Loki loves it), and she’s wearing a fancy new hemp one. That’s probably what we should have bought her in the first place!

I’m lucky. My every day is CBD, so naturally my first thought when this showed up was CBD salve. I’ve used it on myself and our other dog many, many times. It’s natural, soothing, with no chemicals, and she didn’t need pharmaceutical antibiotics. But if you don’t think of it first, I’m hoping that Indi’s story might just stick in your mind the next time your furry friend (or you) has a rash or scrape!