CBD Oil for Pets and Their Parents: Share the Love

CBD oil for pets

In our house, both people and pets use CBD. We cook with it, use the salve for dry skin, and keep a bottle in the kitchen, bathroom, even carry a bottle with us everywhere we go.

But what we’ve come to notice is that often people either use CBD oil for pets, or for themselves, but sometimes not both.

Often people come to us after getting a recommendation from a friend, a family member, or a coworker. And if someone recommends CBD oil for pets, perhaps that pet owner isn’t even thinking about how CBD can also help the humans in their family.

But why not share the CBD love? There are so many reasons to keep that bottle available for everyone. And we want to show you why.

CBD Oil for Pets & their Parents: Sharing the Love

As mentioned, despite the growing popularity, these may be a disconnect between the usage of CBD oil for pets and for people.

But we know that it can!

After all, both animals and humans have endocannabinoid systems. This is an intricate system that runs throughout the body, made up of different cannabinoid receptors. It’s job? To maintain homeostasis, or balance.

These receptors are classified in two distinct categories – CB1 and CB2 – and they’re found all throughout the body – in the brain, the major organs, the bones, the skin, and the immune system.

When you take CBD, or give it to your pet, it works its way through the body. The brain and nervous system tell the CBD where things are out of balance in the body, and subsequently send it exactly where it’s needed.

That’s why it’s been shown to be so effective for such a wide variety of health concerns, and yes, for both people and animals.

That said, we do have lots of people come to us telling us that after seeing results with their animals they started using it themselves, or vice versa:

“After seeing a drastic improvement in my dog using Source CBD for arthritis and immune mediated encephalitis bought a bottle for my mom and myself. My mom has finally found relief from chronic pain. I have experienced improvement in pain and lupus symptoms. Highly recommend this product.”

– Ibana

“Worked so well for the dogs I started using it for myself for fibromyalgia. It works there also. Thanks for enlightening me to this product.”

– Pattie

“I take CBD myself for chronic pain. So, I purchased for my senior dogs with arthritis. I have a Brussels Griffon who is 14 and was recently diagnosed with Cushing’s Disease and then he developed Diabetes. When I started him on the CBD it made a huge difference in his activity and is almost like a new dog. A year ago he had major neck surgery for herniated disc where he could not even stand. This guy has been through a lot, but he is doing great. I am so thankful for being able to give him this product.”

– Sandra

Not sure how it might help your or your pet yet? Read on, dear friend, read on!

What Others Have to Say

We may not be able to specifically outline the various ways in which CBD can benefit you or your pet (and here’s why), but we can show you exactly what others have said.

And even just a brief read through of these may just show you how incorporating your pet’s CBD into your lifestyle, or yours into theirs, can be of value.

Check these out…

For Anxiety and Insomnia:

“2 years ago I was experiencing anxiety, anorexia, insomnia. I lost 20 lbs in a month. I bought Source 500mg CBD oil and started using it immediately gradually uping the dose, and started feeling better in about a week. Thank goodness for your product.

– Margaret

“I have had fantastic results using Source CBD for myself and my family. I use it to help with interrupted sleep at night and within 2-3 weeks had complete resolution. My husband, who was taking it for joint pain, saw improvement in that as well as, unexpectedly, reflux upon laying down. Having the 2000mg tincture is nice because the dosage is just a few drops.”

– Shelly

“We have tried several different things to help our dog with separation anxiety. We tried calming collar, calming jacket and prescription medication (I don’t want a drugged dog) then finally tried your CBD Oil and by the third day noticed our dog relaxing. Acting more like his old self. I made the mistake of ordering a different brand the second month, but it didn’t work at all, so I am back to using Source CBD Oil.”

– Linda

For Joint Pain & Arthritis:

“Our terrier mix, Festi, had a limp and pain from hind area, hip or knee. He has improved so much since using Canine tincture (200mg) once a day. We’re on our 3rd tincture now and not using the Vet’s medication since CBD oil has helped him. Thank YOU all, keep up the great product.”

– Rita

“My nearly 14 yr old Golden Retriever no longer takes Metacam. He no longer needs the assistance of a step stool to get in my SUV. Daycare said his energy level has increased significantly. His JOY has returned!

– Candi

“I started taking CBD for sleep, but found it really helped with my arthritis pain. Taking some in the morning helps me make it through a full 18 holes without having to take a break.”

– Martin

If you currently use CBD for yourself, but think your pet could benefit, or the other way around, why not give it a try? When it comes to CBD oil for pets and people, you might be surprised how sharing the love can help you both!