What is the Entourage Effect? Why Things Work Better Together

entourage effect

If you’ve been reading about CBD at all, you’ve probably come across the term “entourage effect” at least once.

CBD alone can be confusing at first, but throw this into the mix and people tend to get even more confused.

But trust us, the entourage effect is a really good thing – and something you should think about when buying CBD oil.

What is the Entourage Effect?

The cannabis plant (and so, hemp) is chock full of beneficial cannabinoids, nutrients and compounds. In fact, Dr. Raphael Mechoulam, the Israeli scientist who isolated THC and worked closely on CBD, said he believes all the components of the cannabis plant likely exert some therapeutic effect, more than any single compound alone.

The entourage effect is a term that describes the way all these beneficial elements work together in your body. It’s when they work in synergy to create an effect that’s more powerful than what they can do on their own.

entourage effect

A perfect example of this is the terpene pinene. Terpenes are the aromatic oils that give each cannabis strain its individual fragrance and taste. Pinene is what gives evergreen trees their smell.

Research shows that pinene could be effective against MRSA. MRSA is a staph bacterial infection that’s fairly resistant to antibiotics. It can lead to life-threatening septicaemia.

Two cannabinoids, CBD and CBG, inhibit MRSA. Combining CBD or CBG (or both) with pinene helps these cannabinoids to permeate skin more easily.

Another example is cannabichromene, or CBC. This is another cannabinoid, like CBD, found in abundance in the hemp plant. It binds with receptors in the body associated with pain. When CBC activates these receptors, increased levels of the body’s natural endocannabinoids are released. When combined with CBD, that effect is increased.

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Better Together

So, one cannabinoid from hemp can be good, but when you add others to the mix they work together, delivering even greater results.

The next time you’re buying CBD, look for a full spectrum oil and check the certificate of analysis to see what other compounds are in that bottle that make it even better. These compounds work better together, rather than in isolation, so take advantage!