CBD Oil Benefits: Why We Don’t Talk About Them

cbd oil benefits

Last week we wrote a post about CBD oil during the current pandemic and what experts are saying about how it can help with anxiety.

We prefaced it by saying that we don’t talk a lot about CBD oil benefits in general. And then we got a bunch of questions asking for more on why.

Maybe you’ve noticed this before – that we keep pretty tight-lipped when it comes to CBD health claims. Or maybe you haven’t – that’s cool too.

It’s a complicated answer, so we figured it’d be best to cover it in its own blog. Here goes…

CBD Oil Benefits: Why We Don’t Talk About Them

Honestly, we would love nothing more than to share with you our own experiences with CBD. We’d be all over talking about the research showing just how great it is for so many different conditions.

The thing is, doing so could land us in some pretty hot water with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), not to mention the bank!

The FDA’s no-nonsense approach to CBD medical claims is well known within the industry. They’ve already called out numerous companies for making health claims about CBD oil benefits. In 2019 alone they sent out warning letters to 22 different companies.

And sure, a “warning letter” may not sound terribly serious, but don’t let that fool you. These companies have to respond within 15 days, stating how they’ll remedy the situation. That alone can be a major task. Why don’t the companies just ignore the warnings? Those companies that fail to comply could face legal action and/or the seizure of their products.

So why is the FDA taking medical claims so seriously? After all, we know that you can’t overdose on CBD and that the side effects are minor.

Why, Oh Why: The FDA’s Stance on CBD Health Claims

The FDA states:

To be fair, we get it. While there are lots of companies out there doing amazing work with CBD, providing top-of-the-line products, others may not be.

And sure, even though we may stand behind many of the claims being made, others are ones that are not backed by any research or anecdotal evidence. Claims that CBD oil can cure Covid-19 is the perfect example of this. Yes, there is research currently being done, but this research is in the early stages, and so any claims you’re seeing right now about CBD for Covid-19 are false!

CBD may be incredible, but it isn’t a miraculous cure-all.

CBD Resources

As with anything health-related, it pays to do your research. So, if you’re looking for information on the various CBD benefits, where can you turn for viable, trustworthy information?

One of our favorite sources is Project CBD. This is a non-profit organization “dedicated to promoting and publicizing research into the medical uses of cannabidiol (CBD) and other components of the cannabis plant.” For several years, this site has published researched, unbiased information on all kinds of CBD-related info. It’s a great place to start if you’re looking for information on a specific health condition.

Another resource we really like is CBD News Reports. This is another platform that provides news and information on CBD oil benefits. Like Project CBD, this site has news and information on breakthroughs in CBD research as well as FDA updates.