7 Fall Skin Care Tips to Welcome the Season of Change

fall skin care tips

It’s fall y’all! 🍂 Many of us are breaking out those fall hoodies and watching as the leaves (and temperatures) begin to drop.

Fall is a beautiful season, but if you’re not careful, it can do a number on your skin. It’s important to transition from a summer to a fall routine as the seasons transition. So, to help, we’ve gathered up a list of the top fall skin care tips to help you embrace the changes!

Top 7 Fall Skin Care Tips

Autumn brings cooler weather and a drop in humidity. And then that heat gets turned on…

Use these fall skin care tips to protect your body’s largest organ all season long!

1. Bath Time

As temping as it may be to jump into a hot shower or relax in a steaming hot bath at the end of a long day, don’t! As the temperatures dip down, skin typically becomes drier. This can lead to cracked, red, itchy skin. No thank you… Avoid the long hot baths and showers, which can dry out the skin even more, and opt for lukewarm instead.

2. Soak it Up

After your bath or shower, make sure to moisturize your whole body right away to lock in that moisture. Because fall weather is generally less humid than the summer, it can strip the natural moisture from your skin. You want to make sure that you’re giving it moisture every day, again, so it doesn’t dry out and get flaky and itchy. 

3. Thicken it Up

In the summer, dermatologists usually recommend a lighter moisturizer so as not to overwhelm the skin. In the fall, however, you want to turn up the moisture level and opt for a thicker moisturizer to counteract the drying temps.

You can add CBD to your moisturizer for an added healthy boost, or make your own CBD moisturizer! Here’s the recipe.

4. Eat Well

Of course you should try to eat well all year long, but some of fall’s best traditions can lead to some very unhealthy eating habits. Pumpkin pie anyone? Foods high in refined carbs and those with a high glycemic index can cause sugars and hormones to increase, which can make any skin conditions worse. Make sure you’re eating lots of fruits and veg to counteract those sweet and savoury dishes.

5. Hydration 101

When it’s hot, we tend to drink more water, but we often forget to keep those hydration levels up when we’re cool. Don’t forget to keep your H2O intake up even when you might not be feeling it’s needed.

6. Dial Down the Exfoliation

Don’t stop exfoliating in the fall, but perhaps cut back a bit. Over-exfoliation can create tiny cracks in your skin barrier, and that can lead to a loss of hydration and inflammation. Instead of every day, maybe cut back to only a few days a week.

7. Healthy Healing

If you do start to get cracked or irritated skin, turn to a natural healer for relief. Think about your hands, feet, and elbows especially here. A soothing salve with beeswax and coconut oil offers antibacterial healing that’s super rich and moisturizing, and great for the skin. And of course, don’t forget the added CBD.

This fall, give your skin a little extra care and attention, moisturize, drink that water, and breathe in that refreshing smell of the season!