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Pain, inflammation, anxiety, trouble sleeping – the list goes on and on. Want the details on how you can use CBD oil for health? You got it.

What is the Entourage Effect? Why Things Work Better Together

entourage effect

If you’ve been reading about CBD at all, you’ve probably come across the term “entourage effect” at least once. CBD alone can be confusing at first, but throw this into the mix and people tend to get even more confused. But trust us, the entourage effect is a really good thing – and something you […]

Is CBD Oil Addictive? Here’s What the Research Says

Is CBD addictive

It’s growing in popularity, and that means that people have lots of questions about CBD oil. What’s one popular question we get asked a lot? Is CBD oil addictive? The confusion is understandable since many still associate it with marijuana (totally different strain). And of course there is still confusion surround marijuana dependence. But that’s […]

Full Spectrum CBD vs CBD Isolate – What’s the Difference?

Full Spectrum CBD oil

CBD oil: it’s all over the news, in magazines, and on restaurant menus. If you’re looking for a CBD product for yourself though, getting everything straight might seem a bit confusing. How does it work? Is it legal? Then there are all those different terms that maybe you’re unsure of.  Two of the most common […]