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CBD Safety: Side Effects, Dosage, and Safety Profile

CBD safety

CBD is currently one of the most studied cannabinoids. And with over 100 different cannabinoids identified, that’s really saying something. Much of that scientific interest comes as a result of the rising popularity and usage of CBD oil. So, what does that science tell us about CBD safety? Are there concerns regarding dependancy or overuse? […]

Herbs to Pair with CBD for Pain, Anxiety, and More!

cbd for pain

We know that many people use CBD for pain, for sleep, or for anxiety. We won’t talk about that here (we actually can’t – here’s why) – but the research often speaks for itself. But did you know there are many complimentary natural substances that you can pair with your CBD to boost the effects? […]

CBD in the Military: What are the Rules?

Cbd in the military

For both active service personnel and veterans, CBD has proven to be a crucial lifeline, for many reasons. Many have voiced their support of this natural substance. We’ve seen countless anecdotal claims of support as well as well documented research. But is CBD in the military technically allowed? Or could active service people find themselves […]

CBD Face Mask Recipe: Give Your Face a Little Love

CBD face mask

With the rising popularity of CBD, coupled with the research showing how it benefits the skin, it’s no surprise that the beauty industry has taken a major interest in this incredible compound. Beauty companies are churning out CBD-infused products like gangbusters; moisturizers, makeup, hair care… and one of those beauty products is a CBD face […]

What is CBDA (Cannabidiolic Acid) & How is it Different from CBD?


Do you know how CBD is made in the hemp plant? No, I don’t mean the method of extraction. I mean the chemical process it takes to get from nothing to CBD? It involves something called cannabidiolic acid… also known as CBDA. What is Cannabidiolic Acid (CBDA)? Like CBD, CBN, and CBC, CBDA is another […]

CBD Dog Usage 2020: How are Pet Owners Using it?

CBD dog usage

When it comes to CBD dog usage, we know we’re not the only ones taking advantage of this incredible natural plant. All around the world, pet owners are calling for increased awareness and access for their animals as well as themselves. But is that call being answered? A recent survey done by American Marijuana shows […]