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CBD Oil for Burns: A Real Life Example & How it Works

CBD oil for burns

Did you know that your skin is the largest organ in your body? It makes up about 15% of your body weight – that’s a lot. And it serves several important purposes – regulating body temp, protecting the body from outside toxins and the harmful effects of the sun, and of course keeping everything important […]

CBD Oil for Pets and Their Parents: Share the Love

CBD oil for pets

In our house, both people and pets use CBD. We cook with it, use the salve for dry skin, and keep a bottle in the kitchen, bathroom, even carry a bottle with us everywhere we go. But what we’ve come to notice is that often people either use CBD oil for pets, or for themselves, […]

Does CBD Oil Go Bad? How to Tell if Your CBD is Expired

does CBD oil go bad

Does CBD oil go bad? We’re asked this question a lot, although that’s probably true of any company that makes wellness supplements/products. We know that most people tend to go through a bottle of CBD oil well before it hits its ‘best before’ date. Since consistency is key, most use it every day. However, for […]

CBD Oil vs. Cannabis Oil: The Differences You Need to Know

CBD oil vs. Cannabis oil

CBD oil vs. cannabis oil vs. hemp oil… You’ve likely heard all of these terms before. And you’ve probably heard them all used interchangeably (and incorrectly) on numerous occasions. Any quick Google search will tell you that cannabis is a complex plant. The thing is, these are not the same. When it comes to CBD […]

CBD Dosing for Horses: An Effective Alternative for Our Equine Friends

CBD dosing for horses

We often talk about CBD for dogs and cats, probably because they’re the most common pets in American households. We’ve even talked about our research with tigers and pythons. But did you know that horses also benefit from CBD, for a variety of reasons? Yes, our equine friends can also get CBD on the regular. […]