It seems that nearly everyday someone asks where our products began… Well, my name is Chance Pedersen, co-owner of Source CBD and the story begins in an unlikely place – with me, my camera and a miracle baby named Krysten.

Back in 2013 I was hired to Photograph Krysten’s birth. At the time I was contacted by the midwife, I was made aware that there were some serious complications and these photos I was taking would very well be the first, last and only photos of this sweet baby girl. However as fate would have it Krysten’s story was only just beginning. She survived but over the next year she began to suffer from seizures.

After months of encouragement by myself and others her mother began to use CBD oil – but the effects were limited. That’s where my husband, Ian Pedersen, enters the story. With his background and experience as a researcher in the medical marijuana industry he was determined to find a CBD product, free from THC, that would help Krysten. He developed a proprietary combination of the highest quality, legal CBD available made more bioavailable by its inclusion in coconut oil. By binding to fat cells on a molecular level this special blend made it much easier for the body to absorb and utilize.

Ian worked closely with Kyrsten and her mother to find the sweet spot for her CBD dosage and within only days Kyrsten went from having 12-14 seizures a day to virtually none!

We knew immediately that this wasn’t something that we could keep to ourselves! So Source CBD was born.

Day after day we receive positive testimonials about the way this product is changing lives. We can’t promise a cure all, we aren’t doctors to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent illnesses, but we are two people passionate about sharing this amazing product with you and your family. We hope our story, and Source CBD can help you find a better life today.

If you would like to follow Kyrstens story you can do so by following her page on Facebook, The miracle of baby Kyrsten.